Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy "V" day to all!

Can't beleive it is February already! I think that old saying about time going faster the older you get is so-o-o-o true.
I'll be heading to North Webster, In in 2 weeks for a stamping and scrapbooking retreat at Camp Crosley YMCA. A beautiful facility on a lake with a fabulous lodge with tons of room to spread out all your stuff and work away. The cabins are warm and cozy. And the FOOD is to die for!!! Check them out!
I will be showing off my newest stamps..The poppy triangle and the single poppy.
These will be on cling foam and be sold as a set. They are so new I don't have a picture to put up yet...but will soon.
Starting to set up the 2010 calender for travel..will keep you posted. Hope some of you can join me.