Saturday, May 29, 2010


It will start you on bloghop that I am proud to be a part of. This group makes and collects cards to be sent to our troops overseas so they have cards to mail home to their loved ones (no Hallmark on the corner over there).

The card featured here has my eagle, 'Freedom'

remembering our troops and out Vets and thanking them for our freedom!

This stamp and my entire line can be viewed at Also check out additional renderings by my artist Eric J. Dull at
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and thank a vet for our 'Freedom'.

I truly hope I did this right!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010


Please check out earlier post ..3 videos you must see

IT'S ME !!!!!!!

This really Stacy,actually blogging!!
Life has been crazy..crazy good! This past couple of weeks we have been preparing to move the shop I work in..STAMPLISTIC. So Sunday 5/23 was the BIG DAY. With a group of FRIENDS OF STAMPLISTIC (volunteers) we packed it up, moved tons of stuff to the new location(just across the parking lot.), to our new DIGS at 1957 Copper Foster Rd. Monday, the movers came for the heavy stuff and Tuesday and Wednesday we reset the store..opened at 10:00am Thursday 5/27. It looks FABULOUS!!!
I want to thank everyone that helped with the are all wonderful.
So please stop by soon and check it out.

Next thing to talk about is MICHIGAN!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I was there for the StampScrapArtTour convention in Southfield on May 14,15 and 16. Had a great show and was so glad to see all of you. On Monday, I taught 3 classes at My Craft Room in Troy..loaded with 30 students. We had a great time and they made beautiful projects.

I will be listing my travels on the website (I promise to get that updated SOON) hopefully we can get together and PLAY.