Monday, December 26, 2011

News From Stamplistic....Store Closing

December 26, 2011
There are many of you who
will read this right now that we truly wish we could have called directly. We
have some pretty special customers - you do know who you are - and we apologize
that we are doing this in this manner, but there is no other easy way. After 15+
years, Stamplistic will be closing their doors. We will still be around in many
different ways, which I will explain below, just not in the way we currently

We can no longer operate as
a storefront. Call it the economy, competition, big chains, "online", business
is just not there to warrant a storefront. As you may or may not know, this
business as a whole has been struggling across the county for some time. In
fact, I have been working a full time job, in addition to owning and working the
store, so that it could stay open. Sadly, not only have I never taken a single
dime of profit from the store, but it can no longer retain itself and run the
way it is structured. (And for the record, moving the store 1 ½ years ago was a
great move for 2 reasons. We moved to a much bigger space, and paid a lot less
from what we were paying in the previous space. The move has nothing to do with
us closing now. We got a bigger space and saved money in the

Beginning tomorrow,
Tuesday, December 27th, we will be liquidating everything in the store,
including fixtures, shelving, furniture, etc. etc. Everything (excluding
adhesives, jewels, Stamplistic page kits, Copic markers and Copic products) will
be 30% off. (Discount will be taken off at the register.) We will
officially close our doors Sunday, January 22nd, 5 weeks from now. We will be
continuing to move items to the showroom floor so it might be a good idea to
come in to shop a few times within the next 5 weeks. I can tell you that we are
not planning on going lower than 40% off, and are unsure right now if and when
we will even go to 40% off.

At this point, we can only
accept cash and credit/debit cards. (Cash only on fixtures, shelving, furniture,
etc. that total $100 or less. We will accept credit/debit cards on fixtures,
shelving, furniture, etc. that total more than $100.)
Also, we can no longer
accept incentive cards, which includes incentive cards that are full. Because we
are now in this position of liquidation, we just no longer can accept them
during this time.

Gift certificates. We of
course will honor all gift certificates. In fact, we will special order items
for you with your gift certificate if that is what you choose. (Obviously
not at 30% off.) You can use your gift certificates for product in store
currently liquated, upcoming classes and events. However from this day forward,
we will not be selling any more gift certificates.

We will open tomorrow,
Tuesday, and keep our normal hours until the final day. However, New Years' Eve
we will close at 3:00pm (10:00am-3:00pm) and open on New Year's Day, noon-4:00pm
. Regular hours are as follows:
Monday, Wednesday and
Friday 10:00am-5:00pm
Tuesday and Thursday

We will have our final
stamp chat on Saturday, January 7th with Anthony/10:30am
The final crop in our
current store will also be Saturday, January 7th from 3:00pm-midnight. (PLEASE
We will continue our weekly
emails. (However, that will resume in February.)
I encourage you to follow
us on Twitter... or check there often:

Within the
next 2 weeks you'll be hearing from us again to give you more specifics on what
'Stamplistic' will look like. In the meantime, I can tell you this. We will do
rubber stamping/scrapbooking shows; we will have a heavy presence online with a
new, and very much improved website that will carry stamp lines, inks, reinkers,
paper, etc. etc.; we will have demo's and instruction online; catalog sales
online; we will still have a few classes which will include as assortment from
Mara and Grunge Friday for sure; we will still have crop Saturdays (but at a
different location); we will continue to do Spring Bling and Croptoberfest; we
will continue to offer the Page of the Month Kits that come out on the 5th and
15th of every month (this will resume in February); and we have every reason to
believe, we will hold our annual garage sale. As I said in the beginning of this
letter, we are not truly saying goodbye, just changing the way we currently do

Come on in now - or at
least in the next 5 weeks - for closeouts on practically everything! For those
of you who have stamp/craft areas or ROOMS... now is the time to come get a
fixture to make your craft room even more 'user friendly'.

We will be holding a silent
auction for the 'Tim Holtz' signature piece of wall with his mirror that he
made. If you would like to own a piece of history, we simply need your name,
phone number, and the amount you will pay for the signature piece and mirror.
The person with the highest bid will win both pieces. (Winner will be announced
on Sunday, January 15th so get your bid in soon!)

We hope to see you all
within the next few weeks.

(440) 989-2622
1957 Cooper Foster Park Road / Amherst,
OH 44001

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