Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh Boy--Oh Boy--Oh Boy!

I'm so excited to be able to talk to all of you! This is my first experience with a blog and hopefully I will actually know what I'm doing when my instructor is not with me.

I would like to use this as a way of letting you know all of the fun stuff that happens to Stacy--with her travels, her teaching and just life in general.

I'm here in Virginia with Angela from Angela's Happy Stamper in Reston and I've come to do some demos for her and her charming little shop tomorrow. So as we are here having dinner in her home with her husband and her two lovely boys, she was telling me about her blog and did I have one. Duh--the answer was no. So Angela said, "Well, let's start you one." And here we are up in my bedroom for the night starting the blog.

If I can figure out had to add pictures, I will be able to show you some of the card ideas that we're doing, some of the places where I'll be, and we can also share your ideas and your cards with other viewers--that is, if anybody ever looks at this other than me.

The card that is posted here was done by Angela (in a class taught by Laura - card designer) with Copic markers and Spica glitter pens. (I know you'll find this hard to believe, but they actually used a "thank you" that was not Stacy Stamps, so we covered it up with my business card. HaHaHa.) When I get back from Angela's, I'll tell you all about the demos and post some of the cards that we did.


Laura said...

Welcome to the blogging universe! I just posted a reminder about your visit on my blog. I saw the posted card and thought, "oh my gosh, that looks so much like a card I do in one of my classes. I promise I didn't steal it!" Then I saw it WAS a card from my class, sighed, and thought, "never mind." Can't wait to meet you tomorrow at the store!

Jennnix said...

Hi, Stacy! Welcome to Virginia! I am sure that you are having a wonderful time with Angela and her family...and that tomorrow will be a super day in her charming shop that we all love so much. I won't be able to be there for your demos, but I wish you much success with it and hope to see you the next time! Happy blogging! Jennifer : )

Joan said...

Well, welcome to Virginia and welcome to blogland. I wish I could have made it to your class! That stamp rocks!

MBKay said...

WELCOME!!!! Can't wait to see your lovely works of art! Hope to meet you today if I can get away from WORK :-) Take care and enjoy!!!!

reeree62 said...

Best of luck to you, Stacy! I'm from Mass. and was unable to visit when you were in Marshfield at The Stamp Act, and I think you also came to E. Bridgewater at The Scrapbook Cupboard? Anyway congrats on your new blog. Enjoy your stay in VA... my parents live there, and I visit Angela's every time I go down!

patkatzer said...

Hi Stacy,

Well i see you got dragged kicking and screaaming into blogging. You are so much better than I am. Love your new stamps the leaf and moon/sun.

Wish you were coming to Illinois again.

Pat Cleminson